About US

Who We Are

Kamuzu College of Nursing, established in 1979 as a constitute college of the University of Malawi, prepares the most highly qualified nursing and midwifery personnel for the Malawian nation.

Our Mission

To deliver high quality and cost effective nursing and midwifery education and other health related programs to students and other stakeholders through teaching, research, consultancy and outreach, advance professional growth and promote the health of the people of Malawi and beyond

Our Vision

To be an academic institution providing relevant world class education, research and services for sustainable development of Malawi and the world.

Our Core Values

  • Caring
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Diversity
  • Advocacy
  • Life long learning
  • Research
  • Participation & team spirit

Quality Assurance

The Office of Quality Assurance (QA) is responsible for all college systems’ quality issues. The department oversees adherence to professional set standards, ethical issues and ensures that quality issues are main streamed in all college services and systems

Academic Profile

KCN being an institute of higher learning focuses its resources and goal in provision of quality academic services. Equally all support services of Administration, Finance, ICT, Library and Procurement aim at ensuring quality academic services. All academic staff members are expected to contribute to four academic goals namely:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Publication
  • Community engagement and outreach service

To achieve its goals KCN structurally organised its academic programmes into two Faculties namely Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Midwifery and into six departments namely:

  1. Basic Studies
  2. Clinical (MCH)
  3. Clinical (Nursing)
  4. Community and Mental Health
  5. Medical and Surgical Nursing
  6. Maternal and Child Health

Each department is headed by a Head of Department who has the overall responsibility for the smooth running of the department. All Heads of Departments are elected every two years by faculty members. Heads of Departments serve as members of Administrative Committees of the College such as Appointments and Discipline. They have the responsibility to pass on the information from the Committees to all members in the departments using the agreed forms of communication including monthly departmental meetings (Refer to KCN Organogram on Appendix I).

Each department has a Secretary who is responsible for all departmental day to day Secretarial services and office management. Through the secretaries you should have access to the following:

  • Office supplies
  • Secretarial services
  • Access to all college forms and processes like transport and allowances claims
  • Information on college committees and calendar of events
  • Departmental records

David Livingstone Memorial Clinic (DLMC)

The DLMC is located at KCN Lilongwe campus. It was established in 2006. The Clinic is headed by an Administrator and it provides the following services to communities around KCN Lilongwe campus; Anti-natal, Post Natal, Maternal and OPD to staff, students and clients from surrounding communities. A majority of services are billed. The clinic accepts payment through UNIMED and basically all major medical schemes in Malawi.

Blantyre campus has a small clinic which offers minor clinical services to staff and students at the campus and it is not open to the general public.


The Library is one of the key departments in the students learning experience. Both Lilongwe and Blantyre campuses have Libraries that are used by staff, students and general public.

Opening hours for the Library are:

When School is in session

Monday to Friday: 8.00a.m - 9.30p.m.                    

Saturday: 8.00a.m - 12.00p.m.

Sunday: 1.00 p.m - 4.30p.m.

During Holidays

Monday- Friday: 8.00a.m - 4.30p.m.

Public Holidays


The Library has a membership that is categorised into the following:

Staff : By virtue of being a bona fide staff member of KCN

Students:  By virtue of being a bona fide student of KCN

Clientele: Paid up membership

The Library is headed by the College Librarian currently, Dr Kondwani Wella.

Research Centre

The centre coordinates all research activities in collaboration with the Dean of Postgraduate studies office. The Research Centre manages all grants. KCN research centre is headed by a Research Director. Dr Esmie Mkwinda the Acting Deputy Research Director is currently heading the centre

More KCN Facts

KCN is not just a nursing and midwifery college in Malawi we pride ourselves as:

  • The biggest Nursing and Midwifery College in the SADC region offering both undergraduate and post graduate qualifications.
  • KCN is a collaborating centre for WHO Inter-professional Education and Practice. The centre promotes the collaboration of education and practice in health services. There are only 43 such centres in the world. The Centre is currently being headed by the Acting Principal, Prof, Ellen Chirwa
  • KCN is establishing a centre of excellence in nursing and midwifery education that will be involved in quality midwifery services and capacity building in other SADC countries
  • Host of a Confucius Institute: The CI is a product of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the University of Malawi and the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) of Beijing. The centre offers Chinese language lessons and cultural exchange programs between Malawi and China. The Centre was launched on 5th March and once fully constructed the centre will have a modern theatre, sports complex, offices and classes. The centre is headed by Prof. Feng Juanguo

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